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Spot Commodity Rates

Spot Energy Rates
Energy Measure Price %Change
Brent Crude Oil 1 BBL 3521 2.71
Crude Oil 1 BBL 3068 3.82
Crude Oil Mini MUM 1 BBL 3068 3.82
Natural Gas HZR 1 mmBtu 169.8 -2.01
Spot Bullion Rates
Bullion Measure Price %Change
Gold 10 GRMS 26720 1.72
Gold Guinea AHM 8 GRMS 21462 1.72
Gold Petal DEL 1 GRMS 2628 0
Gold Petal MUM 1 GRMS 2682 1.59
Silver 1 KGS 38208 1.53
Silver 1000 DEL 1 KGS 37850 0
Silver Micro AHM 1 KGS 38208 1.53

commodity support resistanceDaily Support Resistance

Resistance is termed as the level where the commodity generally gets some opposite force before it can go further up while Support is the level where a stock get buying interest before it can fall further.

technical-analysis.htmlTechnical Analysis

Technical Analysis is the forecasting of future financial price movements based on an examination of past price movements. Like weather forecasting, technical analysis does not result in absolute predictions about the future.

Live Commodity Rates

Watch Live commodity rates: Gold, Silver, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Aluminium, Crude Oil & Natural Gas.

Live Commodity Charts

Watch Live Commodity Charts: Gold, Silver, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Aluminium, Crude Oil & Natural Gas.

Important Facts you should know:

Why retail traders/investors lose money in commodity markets?

Why Retail Traders/Investors Lose Money in Commodity Markets ?

  • He is among the last few people to enter into the Bull Run.
  • He keeps on changing a Single Commodity.
  • Never put the Stop Loss in the system.
  • Always the first one to exit from the commodity which are in Bull Run, with minimum profits.
  • Don't have a Habit of Trading by Robotics Mechanism.
  • By doing Emotional Trading, Holding the position in Loss and cutting down the positions early in profit.
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Trading rules for commodity trading

Trading Rules

  • Never risk more than 10% of your trading capital in a single trade.
  • Always use stop loss orders.(Here you should know your loss you can give in a situation where the trade starts going against you.)
  • Never do overtrading.
  • Never let a profit run into a loss.
  • Don't enter a trade, if you are unsure of the trend.
  • When in doubt, get out, and don't get in when in doubt.
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Do's and Don'ts for trading in commodity markets

Do's and Don'ts for Trading in Commodity Markets

  • It seemingly looks to be the simplest and the most rewarding. But in intraday trading one has to be very fast and quick and have to be on your toes always, so there are certain rules which one has to keep in mind.
  • If index is in positive from yesterday and the commodity you are holding is in minus, then it should be cut and if intraday trend of index is in buy, then one should buy a commodity which is in plus.
  • If index is in minus then one should look to short commodity which are minus and not commodities which are in plus.
  • It is not necessary that a commodity which is weak today during intraday trading might be weak tomorrow also, simultaneously if a stock is strong today might not be strong tommorrow.
  • If International markets have gone up overnight, the markets here in all profitablility will open strong, so one should be quite careful when buying commodities as the general psychology of public is to buy when good news is there.
  • Being a contrarians is very important while trading intraday.
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Trading in commodity markets is never an easy task to do... but when you trade with expert's advice the only direction you move is profit.

Why Commodity Calls?

Commodity Calls is a website that is created specially by group of professional commodity analysts under consideration that information is precious when it comes to the commodity market & when it comes to you is more important. We all know today that investors or traders have no time to read newspapers, e-mails or unable to log in to the different updating websites to search what is going in the local or international markets. But now with Commodity Calls website, you get market sensitive news, foreign markets update, daily market outlook, bullion, metals or energies support & resistance levels and high accurate mcx tips by sms on your mobile.